Water Sanitation:

Nuba Peace Initiative, Inc. is coordinating an effort to provide clean water via Boreholes, water pumps and water harvesting infrastructures to help reestablish destroyed villages. The Initiative will drill wells in villages throughout central Sudan, supplying thousands of families with source of a clean , safe drinking water. The organization will mobilize the necessary financial resources through fundraising activities such as dinner events, Nuba cultural dance, public speaking engagements, letter writing campaign and online drives. NPI will also recruit volunteers in the Nuba Mountains to execute the clean water project.

Help Villagers with Essential Agricultural Tools:

As the nuba Mountains has the potential of becoming the breadbasket of of Africa, NPI will launch a campaign to collect modern agricultural tools from goodwill American farmers and send them to the Nuba Mountains. The organization will also collect small donations to cover shipping cost. In addition to providing agricultural tools, The Initiative will educate Nuba farmers on the importance of agriculture in creating jobs and eradicating the hunger. 

Building Schools:

Nuba Peace Initiative Inc, will work with local communities leaders to identify locations, and engage local builders to build schools. NPI will also work to recruit and train teachers, collect books and solicit donations from American friends to help pay teachers. 

Life Skills Training Initiatives: 

NPI plans to provides trying in automotive mechanics, welding, masonry, and construction to assist returnees.